Our Facility

Rifle Range

The Rifle Range is one of the first things you see as you come to the top of the hill at the sportsmen’s club. The range has been redeveloped for more efficient use with a single firing line, yet it is capable of accommodating 16 shooters. The firing line has a 18 x 60 foot covering for the pleasure of shooting in the rain, or the HOT sunny days. There are tables available for cleaning your rifle or to just make adjustments. There is gun racks to hold your rifle until you are ready to shoot. The range is open from sunrise to sunset seven days a week. The Rifle Range has a 100 yard and 200 yard range for sighting in that rifle for that trophy shot, pesky varmint or to become a marksmen and drive those nails in. The competition shoots are sometimes broken down into bench rifle and field rifle categories, also with a youth group class up to the age of 16. The shoots consist of a “Prairie Dog”, “Bulls Eye”, “Rim Fire” and “Silhouette” shoots.

Pistol Range

The pistol range is located in a nice remote area located down at the bottom of one the hills with a bowl like environment surrounded by trees vegetation and the peaceful setting in the woods. . The range has a nice 10 x 58 foot covered firing line with benches, tables and chairs. The firing range of the targets are 10, 15, 25 and 50 yards. The 50 yard range is a challenge for even the experienced pistol shooter.  Test your shooting skills or bore site your rifle so that you’re on the paper before advancing to the 100 yard range or longer. The 10, 15, and 25 yard targets are a real challenge for bulls eye shooting, or to see if you can shoot all your rounds through the same hole. Maybe you are good enough to shoot a smiley face in the target!  Ha.Ha. As for the pistol competitions, we have “3-Gun Shoots”, “Bulls Eye”, “Silhouette” and anything else you can come up with.

Trap Shooting Range

Morrison Sportsmens Club is located atop a solitary wooded hill overlooking a scenic view of Illinois flatlands where crops of corn and soybeans are grown. Being a wildlife preserve, many wildlife creatures such as our favorite 3-legged doe and other deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, eagles, doves, raccoons, and foxes can be seen at different times.

The trap range is sited on a green lawn and consists of three trap fields outfitted with automated Pat Trap throwers which are all capable of throwing single or double targets. We also use the Canterberry voice calls which helps avoid a slow or fast pull when the target is called. The voice calls are setup on all three trap ranges. Canterberry voice calls are a voice activated speaker that triggers the Pat trap throwers to throw a target when the shooter calls for a target. The speakers are setup at all five stations and can be moved from the 16-yard line to the 27-yard line.

The trap range is open every Friday to the public and members from 12 PM. to 10 PM (or no guests). The cost of a 25- target practice shoot for adults is $4.00 and $3.00 for children under age 17.  Besides the 25-target practice shoots, there are a variety of other shoots known as Brother-in-law, Annie-Oakley, Cut Throat Annie, Hoarse, Turkey or Ham Shoots, Derbys, ATA Registered Shoots and some others so bring your shotgun and give us a try.

Typically, most trap shooters use a 12-gauge, but you can use any gauge shotgun you like. We also have 12 and 20 gauge shells available at the clubhouse at reasonable rates.

First-time shooters: We have a number of coaches to help you learn the game and techniques. You need not be nervous or embarrassed because every one up here has had a first time at shooting.

Come on out and give us a try! Fun for the whole family. We have had grandfathers, grandsons, granddaughters, fathers, daughters, sons, mothers and friends all trying their skills at the 16 yard range or 27 yard handicap. Shooters have been as young as 8 years old and up to 80 + years old .

Archery Range

The Archery Range was an idea brought up in 2004 and has now become a reality in 2008 with the help and hard work of many members and is now ready for use. The range consists of tight wooded trails and challenging targets to give the archera very real hunting experience. NO not really! The hard work of the members was the work of clearing brush and trees and the building of a bridge and steps to accommodate the range for easier walking. The grounds still consist of hills and ditches to cross. Don’t let all this talk scare you because the trail is very nice; it has a 2-D Course of 15 targets for members to use at anytime and a 3-D Course of 30 or more targets for the public and members for our competition shoots, all complete with bow hangers, targets, scenery, food and restrooms. The 2-D Course is about a ¼ mile long and the 3-D Course is a mile or so long. With that in mind the course would also be good to be used as a hiking trail. A practice range is also available for use. You can shoot at any distance that you want so come on out and give us a try and tell your friends. Click the images to the right to view the Archery Range
Hope to see you soon!